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The company visited campus for recruitment for the posts of Associate Software Engineer and Cloud Operations Engineer. There were three rounds, Coding round, Technical Interview, and Managerial cum HR round.

Round 1 (Coding Round): This round had four coding questions and 35 MCQs of OS, Networking, DBMS, and Cloud Services. There was one coding question of dynamic programming, two questions were from array and string, respectively, and one question was for Python only.

  1. An array of schedules of tech presentations are given. It has a start time and ends time. Find the maximum number of presentations that can be attended by a person.
  2. Alphabets are arranged on a wheel. Given, an encrypted string decrypts the string by replacing each character with kth character anti-clockwise.
  3. Given a function f, and its argument. Return a function that does the same operation as f would but with the arguments reversed. (Python only)

Given n piles of boxes of unequal height. Find the minimum number of steps required to make all piles of the same height. In one step, and no. of boxes can be removed from a pile of bigger height to the next lower height pile.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): In this round, the interviewer asked questions from Python, Networking, Operating System (UNIX). They will also ask questions from OOPs. 2 questions were given, and I was asked to write code for it.


Some questions were:

  1. Define TCP model and/or OSI model
  2. The flow of data when a link is clicked.
  3. Iterables, decorators, generators of Python.
  4. Common networking commands will also be discussed.

Round 3 (Managerial Interview): 7 students were selected for this round. The interview started with my introduction. Then common questions were asked:

  1. What was my role in the projects?
  2. What are my ambitions in life?
  3. Where do I see myself in 3-4 years?
  4. Why do I want to join Z Scaler?
  5. What do I like most about coding or testing?
  6. Questions were also on my habit, which I told in my introduction.

3 students were given the offer.

You need to have a strong knowledge of Networking and Operating Systems to qualify their interviews.

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