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How can you grab this opportunity? Well, TCS will be conducting Digital Capability Assessment (DCA) in the month of March. The best performers in DCA will be upgraded from Ninja to Digital cadre. DCA will be Camera Proctored Assessment (Remote Proctoring). The DCA will be ONLY code-based assessment on one of the five programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, and C#.

TCS will publish more details such as date of assessment. Pattern of questions and the survey to register for the assessment in the Xplore community. Do visit the Xplore community regularly to not miss out on the details!

Grab the great opportunity and prepare yourself well for the DCA, by actively participating in all Xplore events as Xplore curriculum covers all the prominent software foundation courses. This will help you to prepare well for the upcoming assessment. This is your chance to grow and excel!

Note: DCA is only applicable to Ninja offered candidates.

Sample Questions for DCA : 


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