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Last year ,

approximately 64,000 employees holding 1 to 3 years of experience registered for the exam out of which about 30,000 appeared for the exam in the two slots of August and October 2019.

From this, around 2,500 to 3,000 employees were shortlisted and called for an interview. This is according to the media reports shared by TCS.

The interviews happened in December 2019 and the results were declared in January or February. Out of this 3,000 employees who were interviewed, about 500 to 600 employees were selected as Digital Cadres, effective from March 2020 .

So basically, about 600 employees were selected from a pool of 30,000 candidates. That is a success ratio of 2%. That tells you how difficult it is to clear the exam and get through. However the rewards of being in the top 2 percentile is many, one being a 100% salary hike!


Yes , interviews are surely conducted for the same ! You guys are lucky to give DCA exam even before joining TCS :-)
Regarding DCA interview.
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