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In this article, I am sharing my complete recruitment process for “Cognizant off-campus ” which includes an online assessment and Interview Experience. I applied for this drive through the superset platform.

To begin with, I would like to share a little information about “COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS.PVT LTD”. Cognizant is the leading American MNC that provides IT services to multiple organizations. It is 3rd largest IT firm in India in terms of Revenue. It was the 1st IT company to get enlisted in NASDAQ. It is also among the fortune 500 corporations. Cognizant has 3 major areas of services which includes Business, digital operations & digital systems, and Technologies.

Let us now move toward the hiring process:-

Round 1: The Round 1 was the ONLINE ASSESSMENT. This Assessment was conducted on the Superset Platform. The Duration of the assessment was 100 Minutes. It consisted of 3 Sections. This test was scheduled for 30th October.

The sections are (difficulty level – Medium):-

Quantitative aptitude(Numerical ability)
Verbal Ability
Logical Reasoning.
Within 2 weeks after round 1, the results were rolled out and I was shortlisted for the Technical Interview Round.

Round 2: The Round 2 was the Technical Interview. The Interview was conducted on the Superset Platform on 9th Nov 2021. The interview duration was 42 minutes.

The questions that were asked me by the interviewer:-

Introduce yourself.
Explain your Major project completely.
What were the technical problems you faced in your major project and how did you overcome it?
Do you know any latest technologies, if yes then explain any 2 technologies in brief.
Why did You choose the IT Sector?
Because I am from Electronics and telecommunication background he asked me questions from my stream:-
What are microcontrollers and microprocessors?
What is an oscillator? what are diodes?
The interviewer then asked me questions about computer science and programming languages:-
What are tags in HTML5? Give an example of empty tags.
What is OOP? explain the features of OOP.
What is Python language? explain the difference between tuples and lists.
Difference between C and Java?
Lastly, he also asked me two aptitude questions.

One question was based on speed, time, and distance.
The second question was based on problems with age.
I would like to tell you that the questions he asked me were entirely based on my resume.

Round 3 (HR Round): The next day after the Technical interview was the HR interview. It was conducted for 10 minutes. The HR asked me about my personal details, Relocation, and my degree certificates.

After 15 days I received my offer letter.
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