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Firstly there was an assessment held on MSB and there were two sections and a total of 5 questions.

3 programming Question & 2 SQL question. Both sections were Average.
I was able to solve 2 programming questions and 1 and a half SQL questions. and was selected for the interview round.
People who solved 1 programming question and 1 SQL were too selected.
Now the interview was scheduled on Superset from 3 pm to 4.30. My interviewer joined at 3.05 and the interview went on till 3.55 pm.

Questions were:

Where are you from
Waterfall model
Domain language?
Call by reference
Is it call by reference in python?
Call by value
Write a code for the call by value
Explain your code
What does Len function do
Do you know DBMS
Acid properties explain all
2 normal form
Write a SQL query to print a unique name from the table.
Truncate vs delete
Write a SQL query to print the duplicate names from table
One more question didn’t know. question too don’t  remember
Foreign key
Super key
Types of join
Write SQL query to print names which occurred maximum no. Of times.
Candidates key
Two Apti question was asked like 3,7,15,31,?,127.
Will you work any shift
Are u willing to relocate
Preferred location
2nd preferred location
Will you work on any technology
Do you have any questions
After 10 days I got the list of people who were selected by my TPO.
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