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The genc elevate can be given by CS, IT, and ECE. The other branches can apply for Genc.

Round 1: This round has 3 coding questions for which the time allotted is 1 hour. Then the next section is writing SQL queries. The level of coding questions was medium. I was able to solve 1 question completely and one question partially. Only those who solved a minimum of 1 question were eligible for the next round.

Round 2: This round was the communication round. This has multiple sections in it.

Section A: Read the sentences as per the instructor
Section B: Repeat the sentence
Section C: One-word answer was to be given for the question
Section D: One short passage was told followed by multiple questions.
Round 3: Most of the students who gave the communication round with the proper guidelines were selected for the Interview. This was a technical interview along with some HR questions. Following were the questions:-

1. Introduce yourself and also ID card was asked to show in front of the camera
2. What is your preferred language?
3. Write 1 code that has for loop used in it.
4. Then the interviewer asked to print the following pattern:-
Tell me about the group projects. What was your role
What are your strengths
What is your weakness
Do you know object-oriented programming
Abstraction and encapsulation were asked
Differentiate between private, protected, and public class
Describe a situation where you failed to communicate
Are you ready to relocate?
Are you ready to work shifts?
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