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Round 1(Aptitude):

Question from speed distance and time, problem of ages, ratio, and proportion, the problem of trains and Simple interest and compound interest should be highly focused to clear aptitude round and Technical Question was also asked in aptitude round and English with good Grammar is required. My suggestion (“This is entry stage for your placement round so anyone who is going to appear should have good hands-on Math, Technical(Database more to be focused), English.

The result was announced on the same date and 40 students cleared round from (100 students) and I was one of them

Round 2(Technical):

It was held on 16 Feb, and I was first to give this interview (Early morning) and Interviewer was very good. First, he asked me to introduce myself, after that he asked me about my projects and I will not lie here I built only one project at that time(was still learning technology). I told him that I am still learning technologies and in the future, I will build more projects, he understands that thing and then question from java, database(highly focused on LTI) and answered every question, and he was quite impressed and in last he gave me one number series problem to solve, and I successfully solved that and after 2 days I got my result 30 students from (40 students)cleared that round, and I was one of them.

Round 3(HR):

It was held on 17 Feb and HR was really cool. First, he asked me to introduce myself, and then he asked me about my project, and then he asked me what feature I will add to Whatsapp, firstly I got scared, but then I answered that by saying I will video feature, add new fonts, and He asks me few technical questions and in last he asked me any question, I said what is key to Succeed in this role, and then he explains me everything very deeply, after 1 week we got result 15 students got selected out of 30 Students. I hope this will help you in a certain way (Tips: Good preparation of aptitude, technical knowledge, Good English, Be honest).
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