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On Campus :-

Round 1: Online screening test.

Which consisted of around 25 mcqs and 1 coding Ques and the platform was hackerearth.
Some mcqs were aptitude based and other topics were OS, DBMS, programming based ( output based). Basically if your basics are clear then you can perform well in mcq test only thing to be kept in mind was the time limit
*60 mins for 25 mcqs and 1 coding Ques*

Round 2: *1st interview*: started with small introduction about my projects and the interviewer asked me to explain my projects one by one. Questions based on CSS were asked based upon my projects.This round mainly focused on my projects and internships.




Round 3:*2nd interview*: the interviewer started with Questions from DBMS ( indexing) ( basic concepts related to indexing)
Then he switched onto DS Algo
1st Ques — search a word in a 2d grid of characters.
The Ques was to find If the given string provided to me is there in a randomly organized 2d grid Nd ( movements were only allowed in up, down, left, right direction)
2nd Ques — middle of the linked list
3rd Ques — reverse the linked list
4th Ques — swap the adjacent nodes of the linked list
5th ques– spiral traversal of the binary tree
6th ques — diagonal traversal of the binary tree
7th Ques — find the first 5 largest numbers in a running stream of numbers. ( Heaps based Question) ( priority queue)
And for each question I was supposed to write the code on the paper.
Then the interviewer questioned me on LRU page fault technique, caching based concept ( general idea)
That’s all for the 3rd round

Round 4: This was general interview based on my resume and some basic questions like what are my areas of interest and some questions based on my internship and a pinch of technical questions as well.
That’s all for my interview experience.
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