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Walmart conducted an off-campus drive in June 2021 on D2C platform.

Round 1(MCQ Challenge): To test basic computer fundamentals. The quiz had 30 questions to be attempted in 25 minutes consisting of questions related to Data structures and algorithms, OOPS, OS, DBMS, and some questions to find the output of the Java Program.

Round 2(Coding Challenge):  90 minutes is what we get to present a logical coding solution to the challenge presented to us. I got the following questions:




  1. Given an array of N integers. In one operation, you can pick a subarray of size K and add 1 to every element of that subarray. You can do almost P such operations. The task is to maximize the minimum element present in the array after performing P such operations. For eg. N=5,K=2,P=4 and array is [5,4,3,2,1] then its answer is 4. You can see this post:
  2. Given a string of 2N length consisting of only As and Bs. You can perform the following operation N times: choose two indices i,j (i<j) in the string and then change all the characters between them i.e change A to B and vice versa. Find the number of ways to make the string containing only As in the end. For eg. N=2, string = “BAAB” then number of ways to convert string to AAAA is 4.

Then, there was a profile verification round where shortlisted candidates were required to submit additional information for the verification process.

Then almost after one month I got a call for interview rounds. There were 3 interview rounds – 2 technical and 1 HR which all were conducted on the same day and final results were announced within 1 working day. All the interview rounds were conducted on the Zoom platform.

Round 3(Technical Round 1, Platform: Zoom): The time duration for this round was 40 min. Started with Tell me something about yourself.

  1. Tell me about the projects you have worked on.
  2. Find the maximum occurring number in as array.
  3. Exception handling in C++ in detail.
  4. What do mean by OOPS.
  5. What is inheritance.
  6. Create a database to store the information of employees and their salaries (just explain).
  7. What are insertion, deletion and updation anomalies in DBMS.
  8. Find the equilibrium index of an array.
  9. Whats polymorphism -> compile and runtime.
  10. Write code to show run time polymorphism.

Round 4(Technical Round 2, Platform: Zoom): The time duration for this round was 30 min 

  1. Tell me about yourself and projects you have worked on.
  2. What’s polymorphism.
  3. What are exceptions in Java – Since my primary language was C++, so I explained exception in C++ only.
  4. What are collections in Java – list, map, set.
  5. Find the maximum occurring number in as array. (yes I got the same que in previous round too)
  6. Whats binary search – only explain.
  7. Name all the sorting algorithm you have studied and which algorithm to be used for larger inputs.
  8. Write a SQL query to print the highest salary in each department.

Round 5(HR Round, Platform Zoom):

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Have you got offer from another organization?
  3. Why do you want to join Walmart?
  4. Interviewer told me about what projects they work on. She told me about a system that estimates the time between 2 cities during a delivery. Then she asked me what do you think how we implement it. I gave my views related to graphs and shortest distance algorithms considering factors like traffic and all. Then she asked me how to use Machine Learning in this context.
  5. What are things you are good at apart from technical skills.
  6. What is the thing you are bad at?
  7. What do you apart from studies?
  8. Why should we hire you?
  9. Rope burning puzzle:
  10. Do you have any questions.

Verdict: Selected for full-time offer based in Bangalore.

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