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OnCampus :- >

Walmart labs came for on-campus hiring. There were total 5 rounds out of which first round was Online coding round and rest 4 were face to face rounds.

1st Round(Online Coding round):

The platform for this round was hackerearth. There were 3 coding questions which were like these: : -


1. Finding n next permutations using some specific set of digits given.

2. Find the number of ways of reaching from top left to bottom right of a matrix.

3. Minimum number of jumps to reach end

Time given was 90 minutes. I was able to solve 2, 3 questions and partial test cases of 1 question. Around 20 -22 students were selected for the face to face rounds.

2nd Round(Technical Round):

As I had told him that my interest area is data structures and algorithms. So, the interviewer asked me questions related to DP. One of them was:

There is a row of n houses, each house can be painted with one of the three colors: red, blue or green. The cost of painting each house with a certain color is different. You have to paint all the houses such that no two adjacent houses have the same color. Find the minimum cost to paint all houses.

Second one was a variation of maximum sum subarray. And other questions were related to OS concepts.

This round went for 1 – 1.15 min.

3rd Round(Technical Round):

Again 1 question from dp that I couldn’t remember now. Some modification to Sieve of Eratosthenes method of finding prime numbers. Questions related to project, OS and DBMS.

One question of probability(geometric): You are standing on the cliff. If you take one step forward you will fall, it’s prob. is 1/3 and if you take one step backward you will get saved, it’s prob. is 2/3. Find the prob. that you will get saved. You can take any number of steps.

This round went for 1 – 1.15 min.

4th Round(Technical Round):

Questions related to project and it’s scalability on large scale. Then, he moved to server related questions like how server responds to client requests and scalability related questions. This went for 35-40 min.

5th Round(HR):

This round started with the same question like tell me about yourself. Then, questions related to project. Then, lot of stress and behavioural questions. I literally found this round tougher than first 4 rounds . This round went for 1 hour.

Finally, I was offered Full Time.
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