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Phone Screen: Project Overview and Count number of islands.

Virtual Onsite:

Round 1 :

 I suggested these 2 solutions-

Solution 1. using map to track values and checking for complement while traversing tree, O(n) space

Solution 2 - Pick a node and search for target-node.val, O(1) space.

Interviewer asked to provide some other solution and then gave a hint that smallest and largest elements are known in BST and Node structure can be changed. I implemented a 2 pointer approach where each node has a link to the parent node and it can be used to identify previous/next value. Interviewer pointed out some bugs in the code which I fixed.

Round 2:

  Project Overview for 30 mins. Question – For a card based game, verify if given cards form a winning hand. Simple question but the rules of games were complicated. I clarified rules and started implementation. Midway in the implementation interviewer mentioned that the rules of the game are different from what I have understood Clarified and fixed it. Couldn’t find it on Leetcode.

Round 3:

  Some project overview. Question - Given some texts and indent level for each text, store it in a data structure. I suggested a map based approach. Interviewer suggested trying a tree type approach. I was stuck here as I was not sure what is required here. Interviewer gave more hints to clarify requirements which can be summarized as “Convert it to N-ary tree so that the DFS of the tree will give the correct order of text”. Implemented using stack.


Round 4: Hiring Manager. Project overview for 30 mins. 

 Question - LCA of a N-ary tree with some additional constraints. Suggested 2 approaches and implemented one.

Overall interview was fun. All problems were easy to medium level. Challenging part was to clarify requirements, as the initial description of the problem was very vague in every round.

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