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Status: 3.5 YOE
Position: Frontend Engineer
Location: Vancouver, BC
Date: Mid Oct 2022


Gave an interview with the Microsoft SDE Frontend position


Technical phone screening (1 hr) - SDE II
20 min behavioural
40 min Codility - React-related coding
Given API render items & sort


Same day afternoon got a recruiter mail that I cleared the screening to the full interview loop


First round (1 hr) - Engineering manager
35 min behavioural
25 min DSA
Backtracking question, the interviewer wanted a pseudo-code + description of how I would approach
I was able to write fully working code and he was happy


The second and Third rounds were continuous interviews on a single project


Second round (1hr) - SDE II
60 min React coding
The interviewer shared a react zip file, it had a .md instruction of what needs to be done
given API to retrieve the data and try to match the style from the .md instruction
I told him I will be focusing on the functionality first and then worry about the styling
I shared my screen for VSCode while I was writing codes, and was able to have all functionality


Third round (1hr) - Senior SDE
45 min React coding (continued)
15 min Behavioral
Instead of the styling part, the interviewer wanted to focus on the implementation detail of the code that I wrote
We discussed various options for optimization and testing


Fourth round (1hr) - Group engineering manager
45 min Scenario talking
15 min Behavioral
The interviewer wanted to focus on scenario-based situation handling rather than the coding problem solving
Followed by some behavioural questions afterward


Overall it was a good experience. All of the interviewers were very kind and helpful.


A week later, the recruiter updated me that I cleared the interview, however, the team lost the headcount due to the circumstances. As a result, he put my profile on the Microsoft Talent+ Pool to find a matching team for me.


Has anyone been through this profile-matching system?
The recruiter mentioned that it could take 2 weeks to 2 months to match the team and I am still waiting for any recruiter to reach out.

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