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Microsoft | OFF CAMPUS 


Round 1(Coding Round):2 questions to be solved within 60 minutes.

  1. Invert a binary tree.
  2. Lexicographically smallest string formed by removing at most one character

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): Taken by a Software Engineer with around 2-3 years experience. 

  1. All 4 pillars of OOPS
  2. Difference between Linked List and Arrays
  3. Reverse a Linked List
  4. Difference between Queue and Priority Queue
  5. Given a few tables which have some values linking a few rows across tables, write a functional code to print the entry with highest priority. (Main focus here was on creating classes with modular and well defined structures, usage of correct data structures at right point [HashMap, ArrayList, PriorityQueue] and clean coding)

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): Taken by a Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience.

  1. Add two binary strings that have been represented using Linked Lists.
  2. Search for a word. (Trie based approach. Only asked for approach, did not ask to code)
  3. Discussion on Multi-Threading, Mutual Exclusion, Design Patterns in Java, Inheritance vs Interfaces, Synchronization, Producer-Consumer problem

Round 4(Manager Round): Taken by an Engineering  Manager with 20+ years of experience. After a quick introduction about myself, I was asked about          

  1. Discussion about current projects and tech stack
  2. Check whether a given parentheses expression is balanced or not
  3. Length of the longest substring in a string without repeating characters.


  1. Focus on basics. DSA, OOPS, OS
  2. Show willingness and eagerness to learn and collaborate in technical interviews.
  3. Don’t lose faith and trust your preparation. I had previously been rejected by multiple product-based companies during campus placement and also during my off-campus attempts.
  4. Maintain a good connection with your assigned recruiter/HR. This shows an eagerness from your side and he/she can really guide you through the ins and outs of the process very well.
  5. Above all, believe in yourself.
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