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TCS Technical & HR Round :-

Question related to: The language in which I’m friendly, I replied C++ then they move forward with that. 

  • Secondly, they about OOPs concept like :
  1. Polymorphism
  2. Inheritance
  3. Class, Object
  4. Encapsulation
  5. Data abstraction.
  • What are different types of variable used in C++.
  • How Python and C++ are related.
  • Is there any common properties between Python and C++, list out them. 
  • Why Python is more friendly than C++.
  • Why C++ is better than C.
  • Different types of inheritance.
  • Asked me to write the Multiple and Multilevel inheritance Code.

This are the basic questions asked in the panelist then came for the HR questions. These were some common hr questions like my strength. Nothing complex was asked. He then asked me the following questions.

  • Are you willing to relocate
  • Are you okay in working on different technology?
  • How would you encourage your teammates to complete the target.

Lastly, they asked me to email my documents like semester results,  10th result and 12th result.

After around 2 weeks I got the offer letter from TCS.

Overall it was easy for me. You just have to be confident with your answers and communicate openly to the interviewers.

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