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ROUND 1 :- TCS Technical  Interview

1.Tell me about yourself.

I mentioned on my Resume JAVA., C, and C++ so I got mainly questions in JAVA.

2. Difference between C and C++.

C C++
C does not support OOPS concept C++ supports OOPS concepts like object, inheritance, etc
C is a procedural language, where each line of code is an instruction for the compiler. C++ is a Hybrid language having a combination of both object oriented language and proecdural programming language.
C has a predefined function support only in the form of header files, and therefore the names within the file or program cannot be duplicated. C++ has namespace feature which enables it to have same names for functions or variables.
C supports 32 keywords C++ supports the same 32 keywords as C, along with that it also supports 20 exclusive keywords.
C has no support for excerptions, and any runtime error can shutdown the program immediately. C++ has try, throe and catch keywords, using which exceptions can be handled, and abnormal terminations can be avoided.

3. What are the OOPS concepts?

There 4 basic pillars in OOPS:

  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Abstraction
  • Polymorphism

4. What is polymorphism?

Polymorphism refers to the presence of numerous existent forms in the program. This indicates a code for acting differently in different scenarios.

5. What are collections in JAVA?

In JAVA, a collection is a framework that holds components and functions as a single entity. The Java collection framework is used to manipulate data.

6. What do you mean by SDLC?

SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle which refers to the process of creating software. 

SLDC Phased include:-

  • requirement gathering and analysis
  • feasibility study
  • software design
  • software implementation/coding
  • software testing
  • software deployment
  • software maintenance

7. What is an IoT device?

IoT devices can communicate with one another via the internet. IoT devices are being used in fire alarms, refrigerators, security systems, medical sensors, and other applications.

8. What is an OS?

The operating system (OS) stores and maintains the program and applications in the system, and it contributes to a better user experience.

9. Write a program to check if a number is prime or not using JAVA

10. Why do you want to join TCS?


ROUND 2 :- TCS HR Interview

The HR Interview was conducted after some time after the Technical interview. It was a short round, taking around 10 minutes.

1.Give a brief introduction about yourself.

2. Are you ready for relocation?

3. Do you have any active backlogs?

4.How much did you score in your graduation?

5.Why TCS?

This was all for the interview questions. After this round I was told to wait for somedays. I got the results a week later.

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