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TR, MR & HR Round:-

Question Were  

  • Introduce Yourself?
  • Which language you are more comfortable with? – I said java
  • How many lines minimum lines of code are needed in java?
  • What are methods?
  • Difference between method overloading and method overriding?
  • What are access different modifiers and name them ?
  • What are interfaces?
  • Tell about multi-threading?
  • Constructors and Methods – say difference between them?
  • What do you know about JDBC?
  • Logic to print a Christmas tree pattern?
  • Use of final keyword in method?
  • What is RDBMS? How is it different from DBMS?
  • What is Normalization?
  • DDL DML commands?
  • Different types joins explain?
  • What are views & index?
  • What are the differences between OLTP and OLAP?
  • Do you know python?
  • What is NLP?
  • Are you aware of pandas?
  • Why do you want to get into IT and not your core Job?
  • What is your USP?
  • What do you know about TCS as a company?
  • Tell me Your strengths & weakness?
  • Which book you have read recently?-As I said it was my hobby.
  • Do you have any other offers in hand now?
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