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I got an email for the TR interview a day before the interview. It was conducted on MS Teams. The questions asked included:-

ROUND 1 :- TCS Technical  Interview

Question 1. What are strings?

A string is defined as an array of characters that can be extended with extra predefined methods via headers.

Question 2. What are the features of C?

  • case sensitive language
  • middle level language
  • fast

Question 3. What are loops? What is if loop?

A loop is defined as the process of repeating a series of statements until the condition becomes false. The main function of loops is to execute code repeatedly.

Because the execution flow forms a cycle, loops are also known as iterative statements.

If loop:-

The if loop is used to compare two or more sets of values, and if that condition or comparison is met, the part of the code contained in the statement is executed.

Question 4. What is method overloading and method overriding?

Method overloading:- 

Method overloading is a polymorphism approach that enables the creation of numerous methods with the same name but distinct signatures.

Method overriding:

Method overriding occurs when a subclass provides a specific implementation of a method that is already offered by its parent class. It is used to implement interface methods as well as runtime polymorphism.

Question 5.What do you mean  by type-casting?

Type casting is a data conversion mechanism that converts data from one data type to another.

Question 6. What is the difference between unions and joins?

Join Union
It integrated information into new columns. It integrates data to create new rows.
It retrieves matched records from two or more tables. It combines the results of two separate select statements.
Different datatypes from relevant columns might be used. The data types of the selected relevant columns should be the same.


Question 7.What is the difference between primary and unique keys?

Primary Key Secondary Key
A primary key identifies data within a table. A secondary key is a key that is used in addition to or instead of the primary key to locate data.
Only one primary key can exist. There may be multiple unique keys.
It builds a clustered index. It generates an index that is not clustered.


Question 8. What is the query for deleting a row in SQL?

We can use the DELETE command.

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE required_condition;


If we want to delete  from students table the record of student name Jenny, we will use

DELETE FROM students WHERE StudentName='Jenny';

These were all the questions that were asked in my Technical Interview round.

ROUND 2 :- TCS HR Interview

The HR round was conducted shortly after the Technical round. I got the interview link and joined the meeting. It was also conducted on MS Teams. This was a very short round and the questions were very simple.

Question 1.Who is the CEO of TCS?

Rajesh Gopinathan

Question 2.What is the difference between a service based and a product based company?

Question 3.Have you ever experienced failure in your life? Tell me about that experience.

Question 4. Have you participated in any of TCS’ competitions like codevita?

Question 5.Are you ready to relocate? Are you ready to sign the service agreement?

This was all for my TCS interview experience. For anyone attending the interview I will advise you to be confident and patient during the procedure.

Best of luck.

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