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Online Assessment


  1. Question related to binary search.


Coding Round -1
You're given a 3x3 board of a tile puzzle, with 8 tiles numbered 1 to 8, and an empty spot. You can move any tile adjacent to the empty spot, to the empty spot, creating an empty spot where the tile originally was. The goal is to find a minimum number of moves that will solve the board, i.e. get [ [1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6], [7, 8, - ]…


Coding Round -2


Input is a array represent how the height of water is at each position, the number of water will be poured, and the pour position. Print the land after all water are poured.


Example: input land height int[]{5,4,2,1,3,2,2,1,0,1,4,3} The land is looks like:


++        +
++  +     ++
+++ +++   ++
++++++++ +++
water quantity is 8 and pour at position 5. The land becomes:

++        +
++www+    ++


Architectural Interview
Every day for the last thirty years each weather station in the U.S. sends the National Weather Service their 10-day forecast and the previous day’s weather.
The data looks something like this:


name, date, type, lat, long, high, low
potrero hill station, 2014-06-16, actual, 37.7572N, 122.3999W, 62, 55
potrero hill station, 2014-06-17, predicted, 37.7572N, 122.3999W, 67, 53


potrero hill station, 2014-06-18, predicted, 37.7572N, 122.3999W, 74, 58


The National Weather Service decides it wants to make this data easily accessible in a form that clients, both large and small, can use. These clients could be weather specific websites, other websites, newspapers, etc.
How would you go about letting other parties get this information?


Experience Interview


Discussion regarding my current organisation project, from business requirement to development, challenges, timelines estimation, impact, my contribution, etc. Basically, they are checking if I know end to end and each and every minor info about the project. Also, few questions regarding the scalability and the scope of any improvement in the current design.

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