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Onsite (3 rounds)

Coding Round:

1 leetcode hard question, Russian Doll Envelopes
I gave the approach for the DP solution of O(N^2) time complexity, which the interviewer then asked me to code. He gave me 2 test cases to pass, which required some modification in the code for the larger test case and that took some time.
Emphasis was on working code and passing the test cases.
He then asked me to optimise it to O(NlogN) complexity, but due to shortage of time, I was not able to write code for that.
Problem Solving round (kind of Low Level Design):

Design a call history manager; where calls appear in chronological order, there is only 1 latest entry for each person who called, and we need to store name and phone number of people who called.
It was an application of LRU cache, where we needed to design the data structures and the get and put functions.
I tried out different approaches before coming to the LRU cache approach, with hints from the interviewer as well.
Emphasis was on thinking capability, discussion of time and space complexity of every approach. Only pseudocode was needed.
Managerial Round:

Questions on Projects and general discussion on how to add different features to the project
DBMS + HR questions
Verdict: Selected!

The interviewers were super helpful and the process was quite smooth. The HR questions were quite interesting as well. Overall it was a great experience.
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