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Round 2 : (craft assignment)


We will share the Craft/Question with you a day in advance. We expect you to prepare solution and put it on any tech platform/PPT/log that you are comfortable with. (We are interested in your approach to the problem. It is alright if you don’t have a beautiful PPT. Pics of design done using pen and paper, description in a word doc are acceptable)



So a LLD question was sent to me one day before, The question was very open-ended asked a lot of clarifying questions to the HR, and she reverted the answers from the team. Presented the assignment to the panel of interviwers, Presented my LLD design with the assumptions being made , the code should be production level, should follow SOLID principles, include logging as necessary, the code should have unit test cases as well.


we had a one hour long discussion, on the take away assignment , what design patterns being used and the logic of using behind it, and some questions on the design patterns I know and at the end the team was interested in the projects that I been working on in my current company so presented the same to them post this.


Round 3 : (DB design + DSA question)

Given strings s1s2, and s3, find whether s3 is formed by an interleaving of s1 and s2.

An interleaving of two strings s and t is a configuration where s and t are divided into n and m non-empty substrings respectively, such that:

  • s = s1 + s2 + ... + sn
  • t = t1 + t2 + ... + tm
  • |n - m| <= 1
  • The interleaving is s1 + t1 + s2 + t2 + s3 + t3 + ... or t1 + s1 + t2 + s2 + t3 + s3 + ...

Note: a + b is the concatenation of strings a and b.


Example 1:

Input: s1 = "aabcc", s2 = "dbbca", s3 = "aadbbcbcac"
Output: true
Explanation: One way to obtain s3 is:
Split s1 into s1 = "aa" + "bc" + "c", and s2 into s2 = "dbbc" + "a".
Interleaving the two splits, we get "aa" + "dbbc" + "bc" + "a" + "c" = "aadbbcbcac".
Since s3 can be obtained by interleaving s1 and s2, we return true.

Example 2:

Input: s1 = "aabcc", s2 = "dbbca", s3 = "aadbbbaccc"
Output: false
Explanation: Notice how it is impossible to interleave s2 with any other string to obtain s3.

Example 3:

Input: s1 = "", s2 = "", s3 = ""
Output: true



  • 0 <= s1.length, s2.length <= 100
  • 0 <= s3.length <= 200
  • s1s2, and s3 consist of lowercase English letters.


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