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1st Technical Round:-
in this Round , i was given a code-pair link of hackerrank and i was given with an easy problem (greedy ). I wrote the code within 2 minutes and explained the approach of it within 10-15 mins.
We had discussion of Operating System for the next 40-45 mins.


  1. Inter-Process communcation
  2. Semaphores
  3. locks
  4. Mutex
    then a small discussion of 10 mins over OOPS
  5. Virtual functions
  6. Polymorphism


I gave answers to all the questions asked by the interviewer and i was pretty sure of qualifying this round.
after 1 day, I received the call regarding qualifying for next round.


2nd Technical Round (in-House interview Round):-


This was very difficult Round for me and it didn't went well
this round had 2 coding questions


  1. Given a number N in string format find the number just smaller than N such that it has digit x present in it x times. example:- given number:- 234235 answer:- 224444
  2. Given 2 strings S1 and S2 . Find largest string S3 such that S1 and S2 both are concatenation of S3 string
    example:- S1: abaaba S2: abaabaaba then S3 :- aba


I solved 2nd question fully but faced difficulty in solving the 1st one and solved it partially.
Next we had dicussion over 10-15 minutes over Operating System


  1. Paging
  2. Segmentation


I qualified this Round but wasn't expecting because of messing up in 1st question
they notified me the very next day


3rd Technical Round (last round):-
In this round they gave me a problem which i already solved in a codechef contest and was of multisource BFS.
it took me 20 mins to explain and wrote code within 7-10 mins.
they asked a lot of questions regarding time complexity and space complexity
then they started with CS fundamentals for the next 55-60 minutes, this time they took it in real depth and asked concepts deeply


  1. diamond problem (with ouput questions) i gave the definition but messsed up in output question
  2. virtual in OOPS
  3. Inter-process communication
  4. shared-memory
  5. process thread (in depth , messed up here too)
  6. Locking in OS (with code)
  7. TCP vs. UDP
  8. Checksum (I told them not to ask much questions from computer network)
  9. IP addressing


so this round wasn't that good but went well as i answered most of the questions. but had negative impact because of (in-depth questions)

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