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I am not able to clear online tests of companies even though I have been regularly practicing leetcode. What to do?
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Just doing standard easy popular DSA problems is not enough to get good hold to crack hard OA problems of top tech companies.

So the best DSA course on youtube is of Kumar K -> who trains for hard unseen OA problems of top tech companies and interview level DSA.

Link to his youtube channel -

Hardest Amazon OA asked in 2023 -

Google SDE Intern Interview DSA Problem 2023 -

Author of this answer : Kumar K 

List of all previously asked OAs can be found here : List of all OA :

Here you go : 

0)Only solving leetcode problems ain't enough to crack coding OA(Online Assesments) of all possible top companies.

1)Make sure you are good with basics and all fundamentals of DSA.

2)If no , then complete this :-

3)So according to my analysis lets consider all average scenarios : 

50% of times OA(s) will be solvable if you have solved 500+ problems on leetcode and have given atleast 15 contests on leetcode(having test giving temparament in limited times) and know important algorithms and techniques like hashing..some arrays..some strings...and some common sense and observations..

3)After solving more than 500 OA problems of top companies which were posted in random telegram groups , I have come to the conclusion that 90% of the OA problems revolve only around these topics and I have created a guidance path for the same : 

In next 50% cases , OA can be difficult , so :
You need to have high level of practice of some particular topics , that I mean is cp level practice of : 
Hashing with all prefix suffix ideas
Binary Search
Bit Manipulation
General Tree
Tree with Dp
Segment Tree

5) In next 50% cases , OA can be difficult , so :
You don't need to do any other topics as they aren't asked in OA much..
For these topics a beginner can start attending codechef contests and after each contest solve one question you couldn't..

6)I won't suggest CF(codeforces) as CF div2-ab are purely math and doesn't help newbies in OA..
OA always has some good level questions on algorithms..
And pure math is kinda rare in OA..
It completely depends on your current skill. For OA prep a person should do those specific topics I mentioned of 1600-1800 rating range on either codechef or codeforces.

7)Yes. Codechef div2 3rd and 4th question specifically.. are best to prepare for OAs.. Cc has a flavour of asking bit manipulation in their contests every time and that aligns with the same flavour of OA ..So that helps..Yep..that's why I always recommend CC first for OA..They follow OA trend in general..Or we can say OA follows CC trends..

8)Problem is with mindset.. You should have learning mindset..
I will tell you guys how to improve in general : 
So even after solving questions people don't improve. I will tell why.
Because there is no learning mindset , people solve problems for the sake of solving and forget what they learned  from the problem.. When you are a beginner there are 100000+ things you can learn from 1 single problem.. you need to document your learnings in a book or document and review and analyze each day..
But no .. u guys just solve and forget.. 
If u don't learn repeatedly there is hardly any chance of true improvement.. 
This stuff happens with ppl at good level too..
They get stuck at same level beacuse they stopped learning + documenting +  reviewing + analyzing......

9) You yourself need to analyse whats missing in your prep ..
We are not animals.. God has given us brain.. we can use it to analyse and take the right moves..

10) You should go to contests to develop temperament ..

11)And when there is no contest solve specific topic questions

12)The more you ask others for answers it means one is not really serious to get what they want.Always strain your own brain for answers. As in CP and problem solving only those people succeed who don't fear using brain..


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Please provide the curated list of problems to solve for each topic for improving performance in OA
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Sure !!!!!!!!!
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It's a luck based factor(that OA maybe easy or difficult). But the only thing we can do is try our best :)
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Solution to your problem is straight-forward .

OA(online assesments) of most companies involve questions from some specific topics , you should practice leetcode-hard + easy-medium-codechef + codeforces problems on the same to prepare in the best way ..


2)Hashing , 2 pointers ,  sliding window.

3)Binary Search ,  Sorting .

4)Factors , prime , seive , bit - manpulation , basic maths , modulo , etc.

5)Dynamic - Programming.



8) Miscellaneous problems(mixture of any of the above!!)

9)Segment Trees/Fenwick-Trees.
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