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All three profiles Product Intern, MDSR intern, and Research intern of Adobe were open for all branches in my college.


Test Shortlist: Most of the people who applied with a CGPA>7.5 got shortlisted for the test.


Online Test Experience: (Duration: 120 min, Total 19 questions)


Platform: Hakerrank


The test is common for all three profiles.


Coding Section (3 Questions) : There were 3 coding questions. Coding questions were easy to medium level as far as I remember. I was well prepared for the DSA round. It took me around 20-30 mins to solve all 3 coding questions.


The other 16 questions were aptitude and probability MCQ based.


Probability and Statistics Section : I wasn't much prepared for probability. The questions were from conditional probability, Bayes theorem, Permutation and combination, and standard probability questions. It took me a bit more time in this section. But I was able to solve a good number of questions


Linear Algebra: The questions were of matrices and determinants from easy to hard difficulty.


The students got interview shortlists for different profiles based on their performance in different sections afaik.


I was shortlisted for Adobe Product Intern interview


Telephonic interview Experience: (Duration: Around 40 minutes, 1 Round)


Platform: MS Teams




The interviewer started by briefly introducing himself. Then he asked me to briefly introduce myself.


Project Questions :


He asked me a lot of questions about my projects. (like tech stacks, how did I implement different technologies, etc... ). I also shared the deployment link of the project with him. He seemed very impressed with my projects and development knowledge. He again asked me some follow-up questions and I was able to answer most of the questions. And this gave me good confidence for the next questions.


Puzzle Question :


Days of the month using 2 dice: It was a bit tricky puzzle, I prepared for the puzzles. But I was solving this puzzle question for the first time. Initially, it took me some time to understand the problem properly. I didn't get the answers. When I was thinking, I kept the interviewer busy by explaining how I was thinking and my approach to solve the problem. Because the main purpose of these types of puzzle rounds is to judge your problem-solving skills. I got stuck, but I didn't give up. I asked for some more time. Finally, I got the answer. The interviewer was also satisfied. ( I tried to keep the conversation very interactive).


Difficult levels of puzzle questions can be different for you. You just have to stay calm and confident


My confidence was on the next level. But I stayed calm.


Coding/DSA question :


In this round, the interviewer shared with me. He asked me about my favorite data structure. I told him, "I am familiar with almost all the data structures but I am most confident with arrays ". I didn't want to take any risk.


He wrote an array question with some test cases. I was expected to write code ( you don't have to run the code). Instead of writing the code, I first explained my approach. I started with a naive approach and then optimized it to be the most efficient. Then he asked me about the time and space complexities of all the approaches. I explained 90% of the code orally. Then he asked to write the code on the codeshare. Then I quickly wrote the code with proper comments ( explaining code and time complexities). I explained the dry run and he checked the code. It was correct


“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein


If your explanation of the code is not good, then it doesn't matter whether your code is correct or not.


Before ending the interview, the interviewer asked me if I wanted to ask any questions to him. Then I asked him about the tech stacks he was using. Then he wished me good luck and signed off.


I got the Adobe product intern offer. It was one of the best things that happened to me. It was an incredible experience for me .


Important Tips:

  • Prepare your brief intro (It should be very short) before the interview. Because first impressions always matter. Also, try to divert the end of the intro toward your strongest part. For example, I was confident about my project So explained a bit more about my project in the end. There is a good chance that the follow-up questions of the interviewer will be from your strong part.
  • Try to be interactive with the interviewer, you should have the talent to smartly ask for hints and anything where you get stuck.
  • Even if you don't know something. Stay confident and calm. Explain to him your approach and what you are thinking.
  • If you are finding difficulty in explaining the code. Explain the code properly with a dry run
  • Be honest with the interviewer, If you don't know something, simply tell him.
  • Practice for mock interviews
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