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First, there was an online round on cocubes of 1 hr 30 min. 1hr was for aptitude which consisted of 60 questions(mental ability, comprehensive, reasoning) and next 30 min was for 2 coding questions that were very basic. Accuracy required in aptitude as coding questions were done by all and aptitude made all the difference.

Candidates shortlisted were called for interview in their office.

Round 1: 

  1. First, he asked me to brief about yourself and there was a long discussion about my projects and their applications. As I mentioned the github link for all the projects, he visited my profile and checked my repositories and asked about github and the tools I have used.
  2. Detect the loop in the linked list and then find the point from where the loop started. he then asked to write the code.
  3. Search in row-wise and column wise sorted matrix.  he emptied some cells in the matrix and asked how to insert the number in the matrix. only logic was required.
  4. What are threads and processes? Can two threads in a process communicate? Is communication possible between two threads of two different processes?

Round 2:

  1. First the small introduction and then he asked to rate my favorite(java) programming language.
  2. Again the same question of the linked list was asked in the 2nd round but this time he asked me to prove my solution. Proof of solution of slow and fast pointer concept to find the meeting point was asked. He wants me to answer that the point where slow and fast pointer meets is the midpoint of the whole linked list.
  3. Find the nth node from the end of a linked list and write the code.
  4. Postorder traversal of a tree and code it.
  5. Difference between mutex and semaphore. Difference between the mutex and binary semaphore.
  6. At last, a long discussion of about 45min on the implementation of hashmap was held. He made a class where hashcode method and equals method of object class was overridden. the object of the class was the key and many values were put in the hashmap and the output was asked along with the size of an array used in a hashmap and then their time complexity. He changed the implementation of the above 2 methods 4 times and then asked the same questions. For Ex, if hashcode return 1 and equals method return true always then every time value is overwritten and size of an array is 1 and complexity is O(1) as the complexity of hashcode and equals method is O(1).
  7. Then again discussion continued on hashmap. Given a class of city which contains all the malls in it and a class of mall which contains cities in which it is present. what should be done to make both city and mall to act as a key of the hashmap. Here runtime polymorphism was used where a base class was made with equals and hashcode method which is inherited by both city and mall class.

Round 3:

  2. if you have a directory of many files then how will you find the duplicate files or which data structure is best for performing that search of duplicate files. Ans: hashmap. this technique is used by WhatsApp to remove all the duplicate messages like forwarded messages.
  3. He scanned my resume and asked me to detail about my all the projects and many questions were asked related to it. All the technical problems faced etc.
  4. As I was the vice-captain of volleyball so he asked about the duties of a captain. Is it possible to have a captain and a vice-captain not in playing six?

Round 4 (HR):

General discussion. The evaluation was not done in this round. Asked me about good and bad of adobe. He explained everything about Adobe its culture its spread its new technologies. My Feedback from previous interviewers was discussed.

Finally, I got the offer.

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