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Amazon SDE-2 Interview Experience ( offer )

Hi Everyone,
Here is my another interview experience with amazon India. As due to COVID WFH was going on so all rounds happened Online only ( Over Chime )

How I got an opportunity :

As Amazon India is aggressively hiring these days. I got call from HR upfront about SDE-2 role in amazon.
He shared me JD ( Job description ) and asked if I am interested in the position. After reading the JD I requested him to schedule the rounds in the next week.

Phone call round:

One Person from recruiting team called me and told me that it is Phone call round and after this they will proceed for further rounds. He started with asking about my work and projects which I have worked in current company and Later asked some question on Distributed design concepts.
It was 30–35 mins Phone call discussion on the basic fundamental CS concept and scaling. Overall round was good and question difficulty were medium.

He told me at the end of phone call, that they will move ahead for other rounds.

Round 1:

First Round was technical round fully based on Data structures and Algos.
He started with asking How we can scale systems and Basic OOPs paradigm.
Later He gave me problem based on Linked List to delete a node without given head.
As I solved the problem he asked me another follow-Up question.
Based on merge k sorted linked List.

NOTE : All question has to be write on online notepad shared by interviewer.
So I recommend you to practice enough on paper or online notepad so mistakes can be reduced at the time of code implementation in actual interview.

As both question were correctly implemented we dry run the code again multiple test cases. Overall It was quite positive round.

Round 2:

Second Round was also a Technical Round. Interviewer started with asking my projects and resume digging.
Later he gave me a problem for scheduling a job which is :
As I discussed approach with him and later optimised it. He told me to write neat and clean code on notepad.
Second question was to write a function where need to print element who’s frequency is greater than “k” once we call a function.
Basically it was twisted version of this ( not exact same but similar ) :

Later as we have ~10 mins left he gave me another problem on tree which is :

Overall experience was good and due to good communication in between both of us. we were in sync throughout the interview and I was able to explain him approach and code.

Round 3:

This was system design Round and Interview Taken By SDE-3 person of the same team. In the beginning he gave me problem to design Yelp’s system (gives review/suggestion on Hotels , restaurant etc).
So this was HLD round with APIs designing. He didn’t said much in round, so I had to collect the requirements from the interviewer.
it was good discussion over various module and DB selection side.

Tip : Always think out loud and justify the things why you are using certain tech stack or component.
It was quiet Interactive round and even Interviewer also tries to give you hint if you stuck. so listen carefully so you can catch the hints.

Round 4:

It was Hiring manager round. Basically Hiring manager will tells what he expects from you in the round know more about your work, projects and day to day responsibilities in your current company. Where he get some doubts he asked me about that and some of the behavioural questions were asked those are based on Amazon LP ( Leadership principle ).

you can refer this video for gist : 

Tip : Go through the Amazon Leadership principle before your interview and prepare at least one real example based on your experience relevant to that.
Interviewers are experienced enough to catch you if you are making a story ;)

Round 5 :

It was Bar raiser round. If you don’t know about Bar raiser round you can read it here a bit about it : .
So it was taken by another team member to check if you are good fit in the team or not.
In this Round he started with digging my resume and work. Few question were asked based on client server architecture and TCP, UDP and REST calls.
He asked me about some of the automation I did. At the end He gave me problem to solve to find maximum path sum in the binary tree.

It was good round for an hour. overall experience was positive.


Finally After 4 days later I got call from HR that they are making an offer for me
I was very Excited that I am able to crack one of the FAANG org.


  1. How to prepare?
    - Solve Leet code problems to boost your confidence.
    - Always Deep understand the topic you are mentioning in your resume.
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