Message on Whatsapp 8879355057 for DSA(OA + Interview) + Fullstack Dev Training + 1-1 Personalized Mentoring to get 10+LPA Job
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OA (1 hour):

2 LC medium Questions.
Behavioral questions at the end of the test
all onsites were virtual.

Onsite (4 rounds): All round would have leadership principles.
round 1: DSA/Algo

Started off with an quick introduction. Jumped onto the question 5 mins into intro. Question was related to ->
I could provide the recursive solution but they expected optimized solution. Since the question was new to me,took some time time to come up with the brute force,and he did not come up with leadership questions.

round 2 : LLD

Interviewer seems more friendly as he was very senior. Gave a problem statement -> design battery notification system for different devices.

proposed a solution to keep track of the voltage using a thread dedicated to it.

initially started with a factory pattern approach - but shifted to observer pattern and it went well.

LP : a time when you had to go over your manager for the benefit of the company.

round 3 : hiring manager - HLD

Movie booking system discussion - main focus on handling booking of 2 tickets at the same time
LP : any specific case where you had to go out of the box for customer
round 4 : bar raiser - focus on DSA - since my first round was not optimized solution

Gave a string with repeat chars - to not allow two consecutive chars to be same.
Gave a solution using 2 stacks - something which i had to come up at that time since i had not solved such before.
LP: a time when you had to take a calculated risk.
Result: reject - but with a confidence that LLD , HLD and all leadership principles were solid. DSA was expected to be more optimized. Asked to reattempt after 6 months cool off.

OVERALL: Good experience, got me prepared but since DSA prep is exclusive for interviews, managing as a FTE is tough, company should focus on logic and creativity instead of mugged solution.
As SDE 2 - focus should've been given to LLD, HLD as they were solid. Nevermind, this was just a refresher, i don't plan on joining amz near time.
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