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Round 1(Online Assessment): The test was held on CodeSignal. It consisted of 4 questions which had to be completed in 1 hr 20 minutes. The first two checked our implementation skills. The 3rd one checked both implementation and logic. The fourth one was medium to hard level. I solved 3 questions completely and the 4th question partially. I scored 1040/1200. I qualified for the next round.

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): (Duration: 1.5 hrs): This round started with the interviewer analyzing the code that I had written in round 1. He then asked me to solve the 4th question(the one I solved partially before) in the interview. The question was:

Consider that you are given a vector of strings. Output the number of pairs that have the common prefix given that the prefix also is a word in the given strings.
For example:

Constraints: 0<n<=10⁵




I solved this question using tries. He seemed satisfied.

Given a start word, a dictionary of words, and a final word, he asked me to calculate the minimum cost required to convert the start word to the final word. In one operation, one character can be changed. But there’s a catch. He wanted me to find out the minimum cost required to convert the start word to the final word.


start work


Cost of the optimal transformation or -1 if not possible


startWord = “dog” //0
finalWord = “hit”
dictWords = {“hog”, “dot”, “hot”, “hit”}
startWord -> finalWord
cost = min(|d -h | + |t -g| + | i — o|)
Solution dog -> hog -> hot-> hit

This was similar to the Word ladder problem that I had seen earlier. So, I was quickly able to visualize it as a graph. I came up with a solution and he asked me to code it. However, it wasn’t the most optimal one. Lucky for me, I got a call for the next round of interviews.

Round 3(Hiring Manager Round) (Duration: 50 mins): Firstly, he asked me about my 8th-semester project and how I am implementing it. He asked about the entire process and control flow. Then, he asked me to explain a project that I did apart from those in my curriculum and resume. This was a tough one because I had included some of the best projects I had made in my resume. Lucky for me, I had worked on a project “Meme Generator”. I spoke about it. Then, he asked me to find loopholes in my project and asked me if there were any more functionalities that I could include. Then, we started discussing how to implement each of those functionalities, the structure of the database, the best data structure that can be used to implement those features and why, etc. We discussed search functionality, login, registration, and authentication. We discussed the entire system design and workflow of email verification as well including expiry, link generation, and validity. He then asked me about the technologies I am interested in. The interviewer was friendly and I had a nice interaction with him.

Overall it was a great experience.

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