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Education: B.Tech (CSE - 2020 Graduate) - Tier 3
Years of Experience: Almost 2 years
Prior Experience: SDE 1 - Backend at Product-Based Company
Company: PhonePe
Title/Level: Software Engineer
Location: Pune
Salary: 18,00,000 INR
Relocation: 15 days stay + Air travel( 5 family members )
Joining Bonus: 5,00,000 INR
Stock bonus: $11K stock grant vested over 4 years
Total comp (Salary + Bonus + Stock): ~ 26,00,000 INR every year
Benefits: Medical insurance

Interview Highlights:
Total 3 Rounds:-

Online Coding Assessment on CodeSignal Platform
The questions asked were the same as mentioned in this post.I was able to solve all the questions.

Problem Solving/Data Structure Round (1hr-1:30hr) - The interviewer was a senior software developer at Phonepe. The interviewer was very helpful and provide hints whenever I was stuck. It is just up to you whether you understood those hints and can move forward to the solution. The Questions asked where
i) Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock
ii) Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock III
iii) Search element row and column-wise sorted 2D array

Hiring Manager Round (1:30hrs) - The interviewer was the engineering manager at Phonepe.The interview started with the introduction and then moved on to current company projects and had a detailed discussion about designing e-commerce websites like Flipkart or Amazon and then he had prepared some java questions based on OOPs concept.

Note: The interview process was extremely smooth. I received interview information 3 weeks later after completing my online assessment round. The rest of the rounds took place within the same day. Results were out the very next day.

The DSA Problems were medium-hard level especially based on DP and also keep track of what is the time complexity of each solution you give.
For the HM round, you will need a good understanding of the project you are working on in your current company.

All the best everyone !!
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