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Phone Screen 1: Recruiter call
Phone Screen 2: Merge Intervals
Called for onsite and given access to a GitLab repo. Task was to code review it which was then to be discussed in an onsite round.


Round 1: Background discussion with a Director. Discussed a project in detail.
Break: Lunch with 2 engineers
Round 2: JS Pair coding with an Engineering Manager. Objective was to proceed step-by-step to create a formation such that two line segments composed of points join in an interleave manner. Both of the lines should move simultaneously. Identify and correct outliers in the lines.
Round 3: Code Pairing with an engineer. Problem was simple, nothing algorithic puzzle, but required knowledge of socket programming to understand the jargons
Round 4: Discussion of code review of task that was given prior coming to onsite
Round 5: Recruiter conversation about the interview process and the current offers/opportunities I had

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