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Atlassian visited our campus for Full time software engineer role hiring. Interview process
was divided into 4 rounds (Online Test + 2 Technical + 1 HR round). All the interview
rounds were held virtual.

Round 1:

It was the online coding round consisting of 3 questions of Easy Medium Hard difficulty.

Problem 1: Medium level. Solved using map + heap.
Problem 2: Easy level.
Problem 3: Hard level. Similar to

I think the cut-off was 2.5 questions. 13 students were selected for interview rounds.

Round 2 (Tech round 1):

It was a resume screening round. This round started with the introduction from both ends.
Later, he asked me to explain my favourite project. You should be thorough with your
projects. I was asked to follow up on questions based on that.
After this, he moved to CS subjects.

DBMS: In DBMS, he asked me about Indexing, Transaction, SQL queries, difference
between WHERE and HAVING. (He wants me to explain everything with real examples).

Operating System: How “helloworld.c” program will execute in operating system. Explain
complete procedure.

Computer Networks: Explain OSI model. Suppose we are using a chat application, explain
how data (the message) flows through the OSI layers. I explained the functionalities that
will happen at each layer. Then, he asked me to name the protocols used in each layer.

This round lasted for 60-70 mins.

Round 3 (HR and Values Round):

It was an HR cum Values round. The interviewer was very senior. It also started with the
introduction from both ends. He then asked me to brief about my projects. After that he
asked me lot of questions related to team work, conflict management and past leadership
roles. It would be great if you include their core values in your answers.

This round lasted for 60-65 mins.

Round 4 (Tech round 2):

It was a DSA round, started with introduction from both ends. He then gave me a question
to write a function to generate random number in a given range. Then using this function, I
need to solve the following question.

There is an array of distinct numbers. We need to find k different numbers from array. The
indexes of these numbers are found using that random number function. The worst case
time complexity of this question is infinity because the function could generate same index
at every call. We discuss multiple solutions for this question and finally came to most
optimized solution of O(n) time complexity.

Second problem, there is an infinite stream of numbers as input, find k maximum elements
at any time. Follow up question is, what if k is variable?

Last question, how to implement a hash map?

This round lasted for 55-60 mins.

Final Result: SELECTED

Hope this article helps to get an understanding of the interview process at Atlassian.

All the best :)
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