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JP Morgan Chase and Co is one of the top investment banking companies in the World. The company conducts its hiring process uniquely. The company offers full-time roles for undergraduates in their 3rd year and intern positions for students in their 2nd year.  The process consists of an online coding test, a HireVue interview, and a hackathon. Good knowledge of DSA, Web Development, and communication skills will help you land this offer. In this post, I will share my experience along with a few tips that might help you.

The company announced the hiring around February 2022. Undergraduates currently in their 3rd and 2nd years from all over India applied for this company. There is no restriction on the branch and the minimum grade point to apply is 7.0.

Round 1 (Coding Test): An online coding test is conducted on HackerRank. The time given to complete the test is 60 minutes. The test consists of two easy-to-medium-level questions. I am able to solve both questions in under 30 minutes. The questions are asked on topics like prefix-sum, and prime numbers. You can find the questions related to these topics at these links:
Suggestion: Daily practice of coding on GeeksforGeeks is sufficient to complete the test. Understanding the working of algorithms and practice are the only things that will help you get through any test.

Round 2 (HireVue Interview): After one week, A video interview is conducted for everyone who attended the coding test. It is an automated interview where the candidates are asked two behavioral questions and they should record their responses. A total of 15 minutes is given to record your answers. You will be given two chances for each question. The questions I got were:

What is the important lesson you learned recently in your life?
What are your future goals?
Suggestion: Understand the working of HireVue interviews through YouTube videos. Be confident and optimistic while answering the questions. If you utilize the second chance for answering a question, that will be the final answer submitted to them. If you are not confident with your first answer, you will have a good amount of time to prepare and present.

Students shortlisted for the next round will hear from JP Morgan after 45 days. The next round is a 24-hour hackathon where you will be working with a team of 7 to 8 members from different institutions to build solutions for non-profit organizations.

Round 3 (Code For Good Hackathon): During the week of the hackathon, The code for good team conducts a series of sessions where they will explain the working of the hackathon along with a few tips. A day before the hackathon you will meet your team members and mentors and can discuss how you can build your solution. On the day of the hackathon, the non-profit organizations address their problems and you have to choose the organization to build a solution. During the hackathon, you will work with your team under the guidance of your mentors to design and build a solution. Meanwhile, the mentors will assess your collaborative, communication, and technical skills. The next day, you will present your solution and the code for a good team decides the winners.

Suggestion: Your collaborative and communication skills are given the same importance as your technical skills. Be confident and interact with your team members and mentors. Remember that you are working as a team and your contributions will add to the team’s work. The placement opportunity does not depend on the outcome of the hackathon. Spend a good amount of time designing the solution and then begin coding it. You will have subject matter experts to help you with your technical problems if any. Work as a team and productively present yourself.

The winners of the hackathon are announced the day after the hackathon. You will receive results about your offers after 45 long days. I got a full-time role in JP Morgan Chase and Co. Our team did not win the hackathon, but we made a good impression on the judges with our solution.

To summarize, your confidence and optimistic nature will play a major role in determining your success. Work hard and always hope for the best.
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