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JP Morgan Chase and Co are one of the top investment banking companies in the World. The company conducts its hiring process only through the CodeForGood hackathon. It offers full-time roles for 3rd-year undergraduates and 2 months internship role for 2nd-year undergraduates. The process starts with a coding test, followed by HireVue interview, and a final Hackathon.
The company started its hiring process in March 2022. It was the first company to come for placement or internship hiring on our campus.

Round 1 (Coding Test): An online coding test was conducted on HackerRank (Online Test Date: 18th March 2022). The online coding test is the first step in the SEP selection process. There was a programming test of 100 marks having 2 programming questions carrying 50 marks each. The time allowed for this test was 60 Minutes. The level of questions was between easy to medium.

No pairs allowed: Find the minimum number of substitutions such that the final string contains no adjacent equal characters. Ex. [“add”, “book”, “break”]. The output array would be [1, 1, 0].
Don’t remember the exact question but it was similar to the Infinite grid question.
Round 2 (HireVue Interview): After one week, an online hirevue interview was conducted for almost everyone who attended the coding test. There were two behavioral questions asked within an estimated duration of 10 minutes.

The final shortlist was announced after one month and around 150 students were shortlisted from my college for 24hr CodeForGood hackathon.

Round 3 (Code For Good Hackathon): This 24hr hackathon is the final part of the recruiting process. They sent a form to all the shortlisted candidates to fill their tech stacks (Backend, frontend, ML, etc), and accordingly, they made a random team of 8 people for the hackathon. The team is accompanied by 2 or 3 mentors who judge you on the basis of communication, collaboration, and technical skills.

This hackathon was scheduled in early June and one week prior some boot camps were conducted to access the basic requirements for the hackathon (git & github, presentation tips). All the candidates are added to a Slack channel, where all the official proceedings work. Your team details are provided 2 days before the hackathon and you can get to know the team and their tech skills to decide on the tech stacks for the project. On the day of the hackathon, the non-profit organizations address their problems and you have to choose the organization to build a solution. During the hackathon, you will work with your team under the guidance of your mentors to design and build a solution.

We were given 8 NGO problem statements and were asked to give priority to choosing a particular problem statement. We got our first priority. We started discussing with the team and mentors the statement and the final product to build. We divided ourselves between frontend and backend teams and started working. After working for some hours, we were facing collaborative and technical issues and were stuck in a deadlock and about to give up but our mentors guided us and we conducted a scrum meeting regularly to access the interaction between frontend and backend teams. For the technical part, you have subject matter experts to help you out if some difficulty in the technical part. After that, we pulled a one-nighter and completed the project well before the deadline. Try to have some rest in between to maximize efficiency.

During the hackathon a short interview was conducted for all the team members, some of the questions asked are mentioned below:

Explain your projects.
Explain JavaScript hosting. (As JS was a part of the tech stack for my project)
Explain MongoDB and how data is stored in MongoDB.
Find the second minimum number in the given unsorted array. (Optimized approach)
Some questions regarding the hackathon project and HR questions followed.

Suggestions: Communication and collaboration skills are as important as Technical skills. The selection doesn’t depend on the outcome of results but on the combined contribution of communication, collaboration, and technical skills. Work as a team and productively present yourself.

Results: The results of the hackathon were announced after 2 rounds of presentation to the panel, where the team has to present their project. Finally, we won the hackathon :)). That was the best feeling ever.
The FTE and internship offers were mailed after 45 days to the respective placement cell of the college. I got a full-time role in JP Morgan Chase and Co. And around 80 students were selected from our college for FTE role.

Stay focused and be consistent. All the best to your jouney to success.
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