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Expedia came to our campus for SDE - 1 role. Approximately 500 students applied for the same.

Expedia's Hiring Workflow:

Resume Based Shortlisting
Psychometric Round
Online Assessment
Technical Interviews
ROUND 1: Resume-Based Shortlisting
After applying on the college portal, we were also supposed to apply on Expedia's careers page. Many students failed to do so and thus they were eliminated from the Placement drive. After the resume based shortlisting, Around 120 students were allowed to sit for future rounds.

ROUND 2: Psychometric Test
Psychometric Test is basically Expedia's version of the Workstyle assessment. The duration of this round was 45 minutes, and scenario-based questions were asked. I would recommend going through Expedia Worklife principles and answering accordingly. This was also an elimination round and 83 students were selected for the next round.

After this round. a feedback report was also sent to all the candidates.

ROUND 3: Online Assessment
Moving on to the coding round. This round was based on the HackerRank platform. The test contained 6 MCQ Questions and 2 DSA Based Questions.

MCQs were on the Core Subjects like** OS and OOPs**. DSA Questions were pretty easy, I'd say Easy-Medium of LeetCode.

After this round 12 Students were selected for the Offline Technical Interviews.

ROUND 4: Technical and HR Interviews
The Interviews were conducted in offline mode. Both Interviews were conducted for all 12 students. Both the interviews were based on DSA and Behavioural questions.

Interview Round 1: The interviewer(SDE 2) asked me to introduce myself, and after that, he introduced himself as well. After a casual chat about his work at Expedia, he asked me about my projects, not very technical just an overview. He also asked about the time complexities of various sorting algorithms(Insertion sort, Heap sort, quick sort, merge sort) and also some Data Structures(Heap, Map, BST, LL, BT). Later, he started with the DSA part.

Length of the longest substring without repeating characters
Minimum Sum Path in a Triangle
Add two numbers in a linked list
Interview Round 2: This round was taken by a senior SDE at Expedia. After the introduction, he asked me about the projects and what type of difficulties I faced during the projects, and the position of responsibilities. Later on, he asked me about some DSA problems.

Merge two sorted Linked List
Coin Change Problem
After the interview was over, the results were declared after 20-30 minutes and I was selected for the role.

TIPS: Do not get nervous in any situation. Keep your brain calm and have faith in yourself.

Prepared topics like DSA and OOPs concepts thoroughly.
Most questions are asked from here and your approach will be appreciated more than the final answer.
While ideating a solution for a DSA question, make sure that you think out loud as this help the interviewer know about your thought process and your decision-making skill.
It also keeps the interviewer interested and engaged.
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