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  • Round 1 (90 minutes) on Hackerrank. 3 questions. 1 Hard DP on strings problem, 1 easy stack question, 1 easy array ad hoc question. Could solve 2 question fully, 13/15 test cases of the hard problem.
  • Round 2 (1 hour) Virtual onsite: 2 Leetcode styled medium problems. 1 DP, 1 DFS based problem. Discussed 2 soltions of each problem, coded the most optimal solution of both the problems. Both were medium level problems. Working and production ready code is expected.
  • Round3 (1 hour) Virtual Onsite : 2 Leetcode styled medium problems. Medium level difficulty. 1 was based on binary trees, another based on queues and hashmap. Interviewer also asked me to create test cases for both the problems. Working and production ready code is expected.
  • Round4 (1 hour) Virtual onsite: Introduction about the work I am doing at my current comapny. Then asked me to design a system using OOPS & SOLID concept. System should easily accomodate new functionalities. Expecation is to write the interfaces, methods and classes for the system. This round didn't go well.
  • Round5: (1 hour) virtual onsite: HM round. Introduction about the team, culture, project, asked me to explain the architecture of my current project, problems faced, anything I learned recently, conflicts in team, most challenging work, expecations in first 2-3 months.
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