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Status: 4 YOE, BSc in Computer Science, UK University
Position: Android Software Engineer at Non-FAANG Company
Location: London, UK
Date: Sep 2022

Application Process:

Applied online
Recruiter reached out to set up a call ~1 week later
Scheduled first interview for ~2 weeks afterwards
Technical Phone Screen (1 hour):

Standard Kotlin based interview questions
Basic computer science questions around time complexity
Basic Android questions
Object Oriented Design Pattern questions
Coding exercise around refactoring and enhancing some code with class level caching, and applying design patterns
Recruiter reached out ~2 weeks later to schedule virtual on-site, for ~1 week afterwards
Virtual On-Site (4 stages):
Programming/DS and Algorithms Interview (1 hour):

Linked List Cycle
Palindrome Linked List
Mobile System Design Interview (1 hour):

Design components and overall architecture for a Search feature in an Android application
IDE Programming Interview Exercise (1 hour):

Implement a small 1 screen game feature, from fetching JSON data to displaying the UI
UI displays 4 image options, with a question to guess the correct one
Advised to set up a small project beforehand otherwise you will run out of time setting things up
Include the basic skeleton of the layers from UI to data layer, including 3rd party libraries before the interview
Spotify Values Interview (1 hour):

Standard situational and behavioural "tell me a time..." questions
Few curve balls such as "a time when you had to motivate a team", "a time when you promoted diversity and inclusion"

Received the offer call + email 1 day later
Total Compensation ~£114,000 / year (base + Spotify Mix)
Offer Details
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