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I saw many posts for interview timelines for SDE Intern roles in 2022, and this helped me out a lot knowing what to expect when. Please see my timeline for SDE Summer 2023 Internship.


Software Development Engineer Internship - 2023 (US) (Check link below to apply):
Student hires run from July 2022 to April 2023, so if you have not applied yet, please apply ASAP.


Applied - 07/07/2022

Online Assesment - 07/25/2022 (Valid for 14 Days)


I had multiple final exams, and was relocating to a new place, so I asked for an extension for the OA


OA Extension Confirmation - 07/26/2022 (Extention given until 09/05/2022)

OA Completion - 08/15/2022


Online Assesment Pattern (90 Minutes total) - 70 Minutes LC Style 2 Questions, 15 Minutes to assess how your workstyle preferences align with Amazon's Leadership Principles


Final Interview Availibilty Email - 09/11/2022


This has a basic survey of dates and times that you would fill up for an interview time and date. The survey was available to me until 09/15/2022, and amazon schedules interviews on first-come-first basis of the survey.


Final Interview Confirmation Email - 09/16/2022


This email will be sent to confirm your final interview


Final Interview - 09/21/2022


Final Interview Pattern (45 Minutes) - 15 Minutes (Behavorial Questions), 25 Minutes (Live coding with interviewer), 5 Minutes Questions and Answers.


My interview lasted for 60 Minutes - 10 Minutes (1 Behavorial Question and 1 followup question), 10 Minutes (Live coding - Question solved in 10 minutes LC Medium), 10 Minutes (More approaches to the same question, because we had much time left), 40 Minutes (Talking to recruiter about amazon work culture, my goals after internships, and other SWE questions in general)


Portal updated to a new loctation - 09/26/2022

Offer letter - 09/27/2022


My tips and suggestions:


  1. Have a clear resume that indicates your gratuation dates that matches with Amazon's job description
  2. Amazon bulk process applications so wait until you hear from next steps, and don't be worried
  3. To well prepare for interview - have a clear answers that reflect Amazon's Leadership Principles and have STAR Approach
  4. Have a few stories ready from your previous experience to answer general questions
  5. Remember, it is not about getting all test cases cleared, its about how critically think. I made simple error in my solution, and we had a laugh about it
  6. Ask questions in your interview, even dumb ones, they are there to help you succeed, and perform well
  7. Read about amazons interview tips on their page where you will learn a lot about Amazon here
  8. Lastly, don't panic, my interview was more like a conversation than a traditional interview!


Hope this helps anyone who's wondering what the timeline for Amazon looks like :)

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