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I interviewed for Amazon SDE2, hyderabad location


R0 - OA(In August 2022)
sum of server powers LC Hard
Min swaps to make a palindrome LC Easy(ans: (mismatched_pairs +1)/s)
and a few MCQs on architecture/design


R1 - postponed/cancelled due to scheduling conflicts
R2 - Hiring manager round with SDM
Design social media app
requirements - user create posts, users follows, how close to real time can u make, how does it scale with more users?
a few behavorial questions
a time where you went above and/or beyond requirements for customer
R3 -
Create Buzzer round(where participants press buzzer, judge chooses one
evaluation: only first buzzed can answer, positive/negative score
Which database/caching would you choose(SQL/NoSQL)
R1 -
similar to 4 sum
example looked similar to this [0,1,2,3,5,6], target=11, ans = 1 [1,2,3,5]/[0, 2,3,6] cant reuse same numbers
input: numbers are distinct.
Later interviewer ignored his test case and I just tried to give 4-sum solution


  • provided solution in O(n^3)
    tried to do with two pairs meet in the middle couldn't reduce complexity from O(n^3)
    Interviewer hints: may be use additional space so that u may reduce time complexity
    a few behavorial questions
    Is there a time where you received/seeked some feedback from customer and how did you respond


and a few more questions on behavorial
Rounds 1,2,3 are given on September 23rd, 2022
My Profile
YOE: 3 yrs, in Indian IT
Edu: B.E Hons. non cs


A general question, I think did about average on system design/LLD and not so well on behavorial questions.
My status on amazon jobs portal changed to "No longer under consideration". Does this mean I am rejected?

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