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2024 Grad
Education: B.Tech from Tier-1 college (Non NIT, IIT)

Visa was one of the first companies to visit my college for campus placements. The interview process basically consisted of 2 rounds, 1 OA and 1 [Technical + HR] interview.

ROUND 1: Online Assessment

The assessment was conducted in the hackerrank platform. The assessment consisted of 2 questions, the time given was 1 hour. Both the questions were medium-hard and involved the usage of graphs and dp.

**Number of participants in this round: ** ~400
**Number of people selected for the next round: ** ~20

ROUND 2: Online Interview [Technical + HR]

The interview started off with the interviewer asking me to tell me about myself. Then I was asked about my projects (which were very unimpressive) so i was quick to shift the interviewer's focus towards my habit of doing CP and went on to tell them about a few of my achievements. I was then given 2 questions to solve using the hackerrank code pair platform. Both the questions were straight out of leetcode. Both of them were medium but one of them was a tad bit tricky as the interviewer expected an efficient answer. After I managed to solve both of them, we talked about the work culture at Visa for a bit and the interview ended.

The results were announced the same day and out of the ~20 people, around half of the people got the intern offer.
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