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Google | L3 | NYC [Offer]

Status:- MS CS Top 20 CS school
Work Ex:- 2 years as SWE at a Big Bank + 1 FB internship


I would like to share my experience of Google Onsite


Interviewed for L3/L4 role at Google.


Received an approval from the hiring committee for L3 role. Waiting for team match


I am obviously not going to share the exact interview questions due to NDA




I did my bachelor’s in computer science from India (2017 grad), came to the US with 2 years of work experience and did my master’s in computer science (Aug 2019- Dec 2020).


This was my first time applying to Google.


I did around 580 LC problems (130 easy, 341 medium, 112 hard)


Phone Screen
Very easy problem about constructing a palindrome. The logic is pretty easy to spot. Solved this in 20 min, the remaining time was spent on another question which is like an array LC medium


Virtual Onsite
4 rounds of coding + 1 behavioural


Except for the last round, literally none of the questions I encountered were even remotely close to what I have solved in LC. But they used LC concepts quite a lot


Coding 1:- Really tricky matrix problem, which i converted into a graph problem and solved.
Coding 2 :- Very interesting implementation of tournament problem involving probabilities. I did the first part, but struggled implementing the second part
Coding 3:- Regex matching + converstion of string to regex string problem. Solved on time
Coding 4:- Similar to Knight dialer question, but definitely not the same. Solved with time to spare


Hiring committee approved me for L3.
Recrutier said my coding, clarifying questions, communication was good.
I took hint in one of the rounds and thats the main reason for downlevelling.


Team Match
Heard L3 headcount in US offices is low, Really crossing my fingers.
It would really suck if i came this close but didnt match with team. If there are any hiring managers who see this post, please comment below if you have availability in any US offices

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