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Google | L3

Previous Experience
Graduated from a very well known CS school in US. Have worked full-time for a year at F500 company. Recruiter reached out to me in late July and moved directly to onsite since I had reached the HC couple years back


Going to be generic since NDA but will provide my overall thoughts on how I did


Onsite 1
* Worked very well with the interviewer and got a working and optimal solution on the question. Very little hints from the interviewer but some guidance. Question was a LC Easy-Medium, felt like it went very well and had great conversation with interviewer.
* My grade - 4.5/5
Onsite 2
* A very interesting problem that ended up being graph related. On first look I had no idea how to solve it but ended up breaking it down and eventually coming to a working optimal solution with very little input from interviewer. I felt like this was a very satisfying and harder problem than the previous so felt like if any round had to be a 5/5 it was this.
* My grade - 5/5
Onsite 3
* A simple problem that ended up being a little bit difficult. I messed up a few java specific things and eventually arrived at a working solution with some help from the interviewer, but overall felt like my approach was very messy. Not sure how google values getting a working solution vs input from interviewer.
* My grade - 3.5/5
Onsite 4
* A medium - hard backtracking question. I needed quite a lot of help from my interviewer, but even so I was able to reach an optimal solution as well as figure out the followup questions. But definetely needed some help from the interviewer. This is another case of me figuring out a solution but not sure how google values input from interviewer.
* My grade 3/5
Onsite 5 - Behavioral
* Typical behavioral interview, wasnt too vague of questions or anything. I thought I did okay, repeated a lot of my examples but had a great conversation with my interviewer.
* My grade 4/5

After the interview
No feedback yet, so far been 2 days since my interview. I thought some of my interviews were spectacular while others were extremely underwhelming. But for what its worth, even in the underwhelming ones I was able to reach a working/kinda-optimal solution. Does anyone know how interviewer input will impact results?


Closing Thoughts
I personally didnt do that much Leetcode (maybe like 20 or so) leading up to the interview. I was not actively interviewing so this just kind of came up. I reached HC but got rejected two years back as a new grad so hoping I make it past this time! But considering I needed a bit of help from my interviewers on interviews 3 and 4 I dont think my odds are very good


Got an email that I am proceeding to HC... still not feeling very confident due to my iffy 2 rounds but fingers crossed!


Passed HC, went through team match and have accepted L3 offer for MTV at 215k USD TC
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