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Google | L3/L4 | Frontend

I just finished the interview process with Google and wanted to share my experience. I found these type of posts very helpful during my preparation, so I hope this can help some other buddies preparing for interview, won’t be sharing the exact questions or other identifying details, but I hope the information is still useful.


4 YOE in one of India's biggest startup
Recruiter reached me out in LinkedIn.
Onsite (5 rounds) +1 Telephonic + 2 Team Matching Rounds


All technical interviews followed the same format, with an easy question that would be modified into a medium-hard question once the initial question was solved. For each interview I will generally describe the type of problem


Interview 1


Question: More related to sequencing of tasks
Response: This interview went almost perfect, I had to write code in Javascript as that was my preferred language ,
Question was more of a topological sorting , but once i solved it , it was more related to promises and different methods of promises such as promise .every etc to sequence the tasks in orders he wanted
I would say this interview went really well for me , i finished early


Interview 2


Question: FE domain specific + Ds/Algo
Response: This was a very hard interview , as Fe domain level went really deep , P.S the interviewer was an author of famous articles that i read before , so we had some really good interaction , FE domain question was more of implementing retry function and then from there we jumped to implementing promises methods (.then , .catch .finally) , talking about CRP's and ways to optimise it .


Interview 3


Question: Hasmap+hashset
Response: This was a very easy round for me , i completed coding + running different test cases in arounf 30 mins and i did not have much to ask so we finished in around 35 mins
Second question was 2-d array manipulation , finding paths related question.


Interview 4


Question: Googlyness
Response:This round revolved around situtations and how would I tackel it .
The interviewer wished me luck and i would say this round went well too.


Interview 5


Question: String manipulation +implement Somewhat Auto complete
This round was a bit difficult but at the end the interviewer was happy with me and we closed this round on a positive note by cracking some jokes .


My Thoughts


After the interview, I tried to be patient and wait for the feedbacks , from my side what i can say is since i was more of a frontend engineer , I can say to concentrate more on FE side and questions would be a bit simpler when it comes to DS/Algo because they would grill you more on Frontend . , although there is just one domain specific round


After interview i got to know from HR ,
They would be using Angular and Dart instead of JS and React js, So i am a bit skeptical to accept the offer .


Also i might get L3 and not L4 , again not sure here ,
My base pay from Google would be less than what i currently get if they gove L3 (P.S its been just a month since i joined a new firm (i had to join since google interview take a lot of time ))


I did about 450 LeetCode problems before the onsite. I would advise applicants to focus on the quality of preparation rather than just churning through hundreds of questions. Make sure you understand the fundamentals of DP, search algorithms, etc. I tried to replicate the interview environment while practicing.



Profile is in the HC stage, Team matching is done . Hopefully , things go well
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