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Google | L3 | Seattle [Reject]

Status: Semi recent grad with 3 years mobile developement experience at a small startup
Location: Seattle, WA


1 online coding phone screen and 5 in person interviews, 1 hour each


Phone screen:


Interviewer was google engineer from new york and I had to write code in google docs.



Round 1:


Asked about current work then whiteboard question. I jumped right in with an iterative solution then got stuck which was dumb because the recursive solution is so simple.

Round 2:


Asked about current work.
Given an image containing multiple sprites (image in this case was a 2d array and you have a function isPixel(i, j) to test if an element is part of the sprite) return the height and width of the sprites such that they can be cut out evenly. I was probably specifically asked this because of my experience with unity. The input would look something like this:

Round 3:


My memory is a little fuzzy on this one. The question had to do with sorting a list of songs by genre and then by play count I think. My first thought was a solution involving stable sorts but it ended up not being the case.

Round 4:


Started with behavoral question about resolving issues.

Round 5:


How do you prioritize tasks at work?

Everyone was very nice, made things pretty comfortable. You get a lunch break after the second interview with another google engineer. No pressure there just get to eat and chat about whatever. I did not get the job. I feel like I did pretty average on the first 4 in person interviews but I totally fell apart on the 5th and completely gave up on finding a solution half way through.


Edit: I also bombed the phone interview (leet code hard question) but maybe the phone screen is a little more relaxed about how well you do.
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