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Birth certificate is a mandatory document, atleast after completion of ILP...If you dont have it, you can produce an affidavit on a 100 rs stamp paper. Only Municipal corporation birth certificate is accepted, i.e certificate issued by REGISTRAR of Births and Death Department...


This is what written in Joining Annexure1 PAGE 2 Clause(a) :  


"In case you do not possess a birth certificate containing your name, date of birth and place of birth, you are needed to obtain an affidavit on a `100 stamp paper signed by a notary with these details. Since this is a temporary arrangement, you will be required to furnish the birth certificate before the completion of ILP. "  



Now following cases may arise :  


1.) If you DONT have BC : Apply as soon as possible... You'll have to Apply in Municipal Corporation.. BIRTH AFFIDAVIT is a TEMPORARY arrangement during ILP which you'll have to need to submit on DOJ and you should produce Original BC After completion of ILP...  


2.) You have BC but in Local Language : You have to translate it in English. That will be sufficient.


3.) NAME IS MISSING : Either try to obtain a new birth certificate in English which has ur name and other details correctly shown,


Make a birth affidavit on 20rs stamp... that may be the permanent solution, otherwise ILP people will tell you what to do, no worries...


4.) If SURNAME is missing : If your surname is missing in your BC, You can go for Multiname affidavit..

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