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Hardik Bhanushali, [14.05.21 14:24]
2021 BATCH:

Link for sample docs :

There are various steps involved before joining
1. You will have an onboarding session 3 to 4 days after getting joining letter through webex
2. You will get a email from your onboarding HR who will be doing all the procedure in your onboarding
3. First accept the JL. You can accept your joining letter from ILP corner in your next step

For joining acceptance send Undertaking Mail:
Now after you have accepted your joining you have to inform the same to your onboarding HR by mail. Content of the mail will be shared with you over the email by the same HR. You have to  copy the content and send mail with subject as : UNDERTAKING-CT/DT NUMBER-FULL NAME

For joining rescheduling
Send mail with correct reason to your onboarding HR

Now, there are two separate portals where you have to upload your documents for verification before joining
1st is Background Check(BGC) on next step portal.
2nd on iON Dashboard.


1.NSR e-Card(if e card is not available the self attested nsr acknowledgement)
2.Birth Certificate( in English language only if not in english then make 100rs afedivit in english with correct format)/ Birth Affidavit(if birth certificate is not available)
3.Address Proof (Passport / Ration Card / Aadhaar Card / Driving Licence / LIC Policy / Utility bill - Electricity-Gas-Landline-Mobile / Credit / Debit card statement / Bank statement / House Lease Agreement)
4.Aadhar Card
5.PAN Card   
6.Passport  (if passport not available Copy of Acknowledgement)
7. ID Proof  (Voter ID / Ration Card / Driving License / Bank Passbook /Pan Card)
8.Affidavit for Multiple Names/ Change in Name ( like Ajay Kumar Mishra and Ajay Mishra in X and XII marksheet)( on 100 rs stamp in enlish language)
9.X marksheet
10.X certificate(if your board provides otherwise its optional)
11.XII marksheet
12.XII certificate(if your board provides otherwise its optional)
13.Graduate Mark Sheet( semester wise seperate markeshee(web copy) , consolidated marksheet)
14.Graduate Degree Certificate ( provisional certificate /course completing certificate / Bonafide with addendum)
15.Affidavit with Reasons for Break in Career or Education  (100rs stamp english)
16.Medical Certificate ( download from next step > ILP>First day at TCS> medical form download) then get it filled and signed with stamp from any MBBS qualified doctor
17.Other Qualifications( if any)
18.Additional Certification (Technical or Foreign Language)( if any)
19.Non Criminal Affidavit (NCA) ( also known as undertaking form) sample can be  ( download from next step > ILP>First day at TCS>Download Affidavit/Notarized Undertaking) get first page printed on 100 rs stamp and rest on normal a4 and get it notarised.

Now there are two category of people.
1. People who had already submitted few documents long back before getting JL.
2. People who have not submitted any documents till now.

So the people who are filling everything fresh will have no problem, but people who already filled some docs will have to wait, till your previous docs are approved for interim. Interim approval may take time, sometimes it happens in last week of joining also.


Now on your dashboard you can find "TCS Virtual Onboarding- 2 November" under my products if not then wait you will get the mail then it will be shown after around 5 days of getting your joining letter date.

Now here you have to upload 3 docs:

1. Your Offer Letter : Print your OL, attest every page, scan and make pdf of it.

2. Service agreement: Download service agreement sample from  next step portal > ILP>First day at TCS> service agreement 100rs , then print first page content on 100 rs stamp and rest page on normal a4 sheet. Here you only have to notarize surety verification form page.
Or instead of notarizing, you can go for signature of gazette officer.
Your surity can be anyone from your family or friend.

Hardik Bhanushali, [14.05.21 14:24]
The only necessary condition for a person to become surity is he must have total annual income of more than or equal to 3 lakhs not less than that and have an ITR ( income tax return) or Form 16 of year 2018-19, 2019-20 or 2020-21.
After filling all forms and surety verification form (last page) attach surity pan card( surity attested) and surity ITR ( self attested)
If surety has passport, then you can attach his self attested passport copy instead of surety verification page.  

3. On Boarding Forms:
After Filling forms online, it will give option to print. Download pdfs, print and sign on required places and fill required blanks. Many recruits get confused on which dates to fill in the blanks after printing. Please refer sample forms for that.

1.All afedivit on 100rs stamp paper. If 100 not available then 50 rs two stamp ppr means the value of stamp is minimum 100rs. If none available in your state then you can also make it on 500 rs stamp no problem.
2. All afedevit must be in english
3. Sign of surity on pancard and surity sign on service agreement should be same otherwise make affidevit for the same.
4.Surity can be anyone with total annual income more than or equal to 3 lakh and must have ITR of year2018-19, 2019-2020 or 2020-2021
5. For medical certificate if doctor is not available, you can just attest it yourself and upload.
6. BGC verification may take time. Ion docs verification is done by our onboarding HRs and hence its done in few days only.
7. After all your forms and pdf are done make a salary account in any bank given in the preferred list.

During this period two types of verification will also happen.
1. Face to Face verification
Here you will receive a mail to join microsoft teams meeting where you have to show your face and also your adhar and pan card. This is mandatory to do before joining.
2. Adress verification
This is done by external Bgc vendor and its not mandatory to do before joining. Generally here you will receive an sms with a link, on that link you have to upload your selfie with house and all.

For any doubts you can contact xplore support or your OBM.

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