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The interview process started in the end of June 2022 (through an employee referral), and final offer was shared in the first week of September 2022.


Round 1: Machine Coding


Design and implement a Coupon Management System where any distributor can create a batch and ingest coupons into it, and then the system will grant coupons from batch to the user.


Duration: 30 mins Discussion + 90 minutes implementation + 30 mins Evaluation


[ P.S.: Full problem statement and sample solution: Link ]


Round 2: Data Structures and Problem Solving


A total of 3 questions were asked. (Duration: 60 mins)


  1. Number of ways to start from vertex A and end at vertex A of a triangle using N hops.
  2. A variation of Binary Tree Maximum Path sum
  3. Binary Tree Cameras


Round 3: High Level Design


Explain the High Level Design of the product you are currently working on. (I was completely thrown off guard here as I was expecting one of the standard HLD problems here)


Round 4: Hiring Manager


This round touched upon a lot of things.


  1. In-depth discussion on a past project
  2. Reasons for joining PhonePe
  3. Design a URL Shortening service


Cleared all the rounds, got the offer in the first week of September 2022.

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