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Microsoft | Offer | SDE II | L62 | Hyderabad

Interview Process:- 

A recruiter contacted me on LinkedIn, and all the rounds happened on the same day.

Round 1:

 DS ALGO He started with a few questions on my past project and then the following


 I solved this iteratively then he asked me to do it recursively. I solved it without any hints.

 2:- A question with a variant of finding the contiguous subarray which has the largest sum: I solved it without any hints.


Round 2:

 LLD The question was to design an online system where a user can see the number of other online users. Follow up:  There are multiple data centers and a load balancer. I had to tell how the load balancer and other data centers would communicate.


Round 3: 

HLD He asked me to design a Facebook feed from scratch. I had to ask clarifying questions but it went well.


Round 4:

 Hiring Manager He explained about the team structure and what Microsoft is doing. He asked me about my past projects in detail and 1 behavioral question( Give me an example where you failed and that impacted the company). At last, he asked an easy design question( kind of LLD).


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