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Online Assessment Round: First, there was an online Assessment round for 1 hr 30 min. 1hr was given for 2 coding questions that were of basic level and the next 30 min was for aptitude questions. The aptitude part was further divided into 3 sections(mental ability, comprehensive, and reasoning), each consisting of 10 questions with a given time duration of 10 minutes each.  

After a couple of days, I received a mail that I got selected for Interview rounds.

Interview Process: There were 3 interviews in total.

Interview Round 1 (Technical Interview): She introduced herself and asked me to introduce myself. Then she directly shifted to the data structures. She asked me only one question-

Given a binary tree, print boundary nodes of the binary tree Anti-Clockwise starting from the root. The boundary includes the left boundary, leaves, and right boundary in order without duplicate nodes.
In this, firstly I need to tell the approach and then implement it. She was expecting me to solve the problem in only one traversal.
In the end, she asked me if I had any questions. I asked her to share her experience and the team she is currently working with.

After a while, I got a call that I got shortlisted for the next round and it was scheduled on the same day itself.

Interview Round 2 (Technical Interview):  First the small introduction and he directly jumped to the data structures and algorithm. He asked me two questions-

We have a string of length n, which consists of only UPPER and LOWER CASE characters and we have a number k (always less than n and greater than 0). We can make at most k changes in our string such that we can get a sub-string of maximum length which have all same characters.
You are given an m x n integer matrix grid where each cell is either 0 (empty) or 1 (obstacle). You can move only towards the right or bottom to an empty cell in one step. Return the minimum number of steps to walk from the upper left corner (0, 0) to the lower right corner (m – 1, n – 1) given that you can eliminate at most k obstacles. If it is not possible to find such a walk return -1.
Later he modified the above problem, and now one can move in any of the four directions i.e move up, down, left, or right, making the above problem more complex

Interview Round 3 (Managerial Round):  This round was a mix of technical and HR-related questions.

First, the interviewer introduced himself and then asked me for my introduction. He started the interview by asking me some questions related to my project and followed by some HR-type questions. Later, he asked questions related to Computer Networks.
Finally, he asked me one data structures problem in which I was asked to rearrange a linked list in such a way that all odd position nodes are together and all even position nodes are together.

Final Verdict: On the same day itself, I received a mail stating that I got selected for the Member of technical staff position.


Communicate well with the interviewer.
Be honest. If you’re not good at any topic, be very clear in the first place.
Show willingness to the interviewer about the opportunity.
Keep coding.
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