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I was interviewed at Amazon Bengaluru for SDE 2 role in Sept 2022

Round 1 (Online Test, Hackerrank): Don’t remember the exact question, one was easy and one was medium level.

Round 2 (Video Call, Technical): It started with introducing each other and one behavior question.

Behavioral Question: Do you remember any incident where you were anticipated some requirements for your project which eventually turns out to be true?

Coding Question :

  • Construct a tree with given In-order & level-order traversal 
  • A computer has N viruses, In each time we can kill i*i virus, Find minimum no of operations to make computer virus free. Sample test cases are :
    • N = 4 , output = 1(2*2), 
    • N = 101(10*10 + 1*1), output = 2
    • N = 18(383 + 3*3), output = 2

I was able to tell the logic of both the question, and got stuck while writing code. Couldn’t write the clean code.

Round 3 (Video Call, Technical):

Behavioural Question :

  • Tell us any incident which was very challenging for you while working in your projects. 

LLD Question :

  • Design a snacks vending machine, write classes, fields and methods for it.

In this round, I was able to solve the question but Interviewer has to give me so many nudges.

Round 4 (Video Call, Technical):

Behavioral Question: Your team has come up with an idiotic idea and they have decided to implement it in project, and he has assigned that task to you, what should you do ?

HLD Question :

  • Design a system which takes care of all the things after we click Buy Now button and before delivery, Also asked about order return mechanism. Key features are :
    • Function requirements
      • Payment Integration
      • Warhouse Integration
      • Giving Delivery ETA 
      • Notiy user about their order/payment
    • Non Function requirements
      • No defect in delivery
      • No defect in order
      • Lowest Latency

I was not very confident in this round, as the interviewer kept asking cross-questions.

Note : You must prepare for Time complexity and spaces complexity for the code you’re writing. It will be asked in every round.

Verdict : Rejected – As I was not able to clear these 3 rounds, so didn’t get any chance to appear in Bar Raiser round.

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