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Company Name : Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo visited my college (NIT Calicut) for program associate role for full time in September 2022.


Round 1 (Online Assessment) :


126 students were shortlisted for this test by internal shortlisting.
This round was conducted on SHL (AMCAT) platform which consists of 3 sections. And this test is video and audio proctored. Questions are not sequential within section (means we can visit any question of particular section during this time limit). After completing one section, next section will start automatically and we can't take break in between sections.


  • Verbal aptitude :- It consists of 12 MCQs with time limit of 15 mins. MCQs are on comprehension, vocabulary, paragraph formation, etc.
  • Business Acumen :- It consists of 15 MCQs with time limit of 25 mins. These questions are totally observational and logical type. Graph and chart is given for every question and need to answer the question based on these given references.
  • Coding :- It consists of 2 coding questions with time limit of 60 mins. Everyone had different questions of the same difficulty level.
    1. You can find the whole explanation and code here.
    2. I don't remember the exact question but I have tried to explain it in the given below link.
      I was able to pass 1st coding question but in 2nd one only some test cases are passed.

Round 2 (Technical Interview - 1hr) :


26 students were shortlisted for this round.


  • Interview was scheduled for the duration of 1 hr but interviewer was in hurry so he ended up the interview in just 35 mins. Interviewer started with his introduction and after that he asked me to introduce myself. Interviewer had 18+ years of experience.
  • What is object oriented programming?
  • What's the difference between abstraction and encapsulation?
  • What is inheritance and its types?
  • What's the difference between process and thread?
  • 2 DSA questions : Asked to code and run on the given test cases.
    1. Swap two numbers without using 3rd variable.
    2. Find the factorial of a given number both iteratively and recursively.
  • Asked if I had any questions for him? (I asked 2 questions)

Round 3 (Technical + Hr Interview - 1hr) :


15 students were shortlisted for this round.


  • Interviewer started with his introduction and after that he asked me to introduce myself. Interviewer had 10+ years of experience. Later on he asked many things about my school life and college life (Not technical).
  • Then he asked me to explain all projects that I had mentioned in my resume. And after that there was detailed discussion and many follow up questions on it.
  • Are you a planning person or spontaneous person?
  • What do you know about Wells Fargo?
  • 1 DSA question : Asked to code and run on the given test cases.
    Take the whole given sentence as input and find whether this sentence contains all English alphabets or not. Sentence may contain anything like lowercase or uppercase letters or numbers or symbols.
  • What are your future plans?
  • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
  • Do you have any question for me? (I asked 1 question)


After this round 12 students were extended the offer and I was one of them.


Tips :


Before cracking Wells Fargo, I was rejected in more than 15 companies. So don't loose hope and try to give your best in every round. Always be confident and have smile on your face. One day you will get what you want.

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