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TCS is unquestionably the most successful IT company in the world, with offices in nearly every region of the globe. However, the disadvantage of joining this giant company is that your skills are frequently overlooked by others because they, too, want to reach top management, making it difficult for younger employees to advance in a short period.

But I know a firm, TCS of Gujarat, that is now extending their services worldwide and searching for new blood who have passed the great skill about the technologies and can assist the company to grow accordingly.

Stridely Solutions is the name of the firm, which is now present in three countries: The United States of AmericaCanada, and India. The company's headquarters are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Stridely Solutions also has partnerships with multinational organizations like Microsoft (company)SAP (company)Oracle (company) (product), and Automation Anywhere. Stridely Solutions has 100+ professional specialists that will assist you in building your career in any challenging condition.

Here is the company's website, which I recommend you visit at least once.

Top IT Consulting Company | SAP | Microsoft | Oracle | RPA | Power Platform

Stridely Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, top IT consulting company enabling you to avail digital transformation solutions - SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, RPA, Power Platform and much more



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